Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Clear Out

Can anyone give a good home to:

Plant protection netting (left over from failed attempt to grow strawberries)
Set of roof bars for a Vauxhall Vectra (Halfords own brand so may adjust for other cars with similar fitting - rubber pad rest on smooth roof and metal lug fits into hole hidden under the door seal)
ISDN box
Analog cordless phone
Newton Message Pad & Connection Kit
Child's Video camera (black and white - no recording plugs into normal video recorder - not sure I found all the wires)
Dracula Game - Party style complete with plastic fangs and blood capsules)
Odd D-Link Internet sharing box thing.
Digi box (old onDigital one but should work with FreeView)
Heart Monitor Watch Thing - needs new battery
A Panasonic cd/tape player with remote (I was amazed I found the remote)
The lord of the rings on 13 tapes

Not pictured:
Timer plug (turns lights on/off at certain times)
Light Sensing Plug (turns on at night for preset time)

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