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1150K 5:33
“General wittering about ailments and what pills I am on. Sound quality is a bit odd as recorded in car wile driving. One thing I notices is I said Dunfermline when I meant Dumfries.”

Transcribed by: qidane


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Jun. 9th, 2006 08:56 am (UTC)
I like your voice posts. It's really good to hear your voice.

I wondered for a moment when you started talking about the lotion - I was trying to work out what on earth you were supposed to rub it onto that was related to your gastrointestinal tract! Good luck with the new regime.
Jun. 9th, 2006 12:28 pm (UTC)
I am relieved to hear that your chest pain is stomach related and nothing to do with your heart. When ggreig first told me about your chest trouble I suggested to him that there was a chance it was just heartburn.

That is I was having similar chest pain for way over six months and the few doctors I went to couldn't figure out what was the problem, even though they did ask if I was having problems with heartburn. The problem with identifying what was going on with me was that before that time I had never had anything other than acid reflux type heartburn - what you seem to be having. All I had was chest pain with no burning in my throat or after taste so I had no other experience to go by, so when they asked about having heartburn I always said no. In the end out of exasperation, the doctor recommended the next time it happens to just take a large gulp of milk of magnesia or the like and see what happens. Well it turned out it worked. So after we established that I was actually suffering from heartburn* I was on ranitidine 75mg twice a day for six months.

Besides meds I also gave up spicy food for AGES. Only since I have been in the UK have I gone back to my bad habits, which has caused another bout of near chronic chest pain, so I am having to cut back on spicy food again which sucks. :-/

But yeah, I can completely empathise with what you have been going through and I am glad that the problem is being taken care of. :-)

* The heartburn I was having was a bit like sciatica, i.e. my stomach was having problems with all the stomach acid I was producing but the nerve which was picking up the problems was manifesting the pain in my chest.
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