Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Sunday Morning

I have found something the good bakers in St Andrews, Fisher and Donaldson, cannot do. Potato scones - they are too thick, mushy in the middle and taste of nothing but pepper. I have not bought them there before as they are rather dear but I felt like pushing the boat out yesterday so got half a dozen and was relay disappointed this morning when I had two for breakfast.

On the good side I have got my backup software running again. I had not backed up since 27th March. Everything stopped working after a failed upgrade to Mac OS 10.4. The Blue&White mac I got given by stuartc & dianec24 turned out to not have enough memory to run it. It is such an old mac that it looks likely to be a bit to dear to upgrade it from 128M to the 256M that 10.4 needs. Everything is working with 10.3, I was just trying to use the latest everthing. One good point is that Retrospect can used the DVD writer I have installed so I can get a permanent full backup of my stuff. The regular backup of my PowerBook is just to the extra had disks I put in the Blue&White. That machine is so easy to work on and has a huge number of disk bays.

Oh well - off to the supermarked to get ingredients for lunch. I have tobyaw, kateaw, and Beth coming round to have lunch with sharikkamur.
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