Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

How much is too much...

I need some new headphones for work. There main role is as ear defenders, they just also happen to have speakers in them.
I could get some Sennheiser HD 201 for £20
"Highly recommended for those looking for great sound, a seal from the outside world, and the convenience and comfort of a full-sized headphone and a price that is unbelievable for a headphone this good."

I could get some Sennheiser HD 200 for £40
"Guard your ears against outside noise and deliver powerful dynamics inside - the HD 200s are an ideal choice for DJ monitoring. With ergonomic design and exceptional comfort for mastering extended listening applications."

I could get some Sennheiser HD 280 for £80
"The HD 280 Professional is a closed monitoring headphone for true professionals. Their very high level of insulation against ambient noise makes them the ideal headphones for DJs or for loud outdoor transmissions. "

I could get some Sennheiser HD 25 for £120 (good price RRP is £199)
"Split headband and great sound make this a great headphone for the DJ, drummer, or active outdoorsy listeners."
"Whether in the studio or in live sound recording: detailed sound reproduction, ease of use and excellent attenuation of ambient noise is what you expect of a pair of monitoring headphones. The HD 25 offers all this - plus an extremely rugged construction with a steel cable for high durability."

Need to find a stockist who has a decent range and try them.

I am tempted by the HD 25 as these are designed to be worn all day, are light, and just about every part is replaceable if broke.

As to why are they are all Sennheiser, I have had lots of makes of headphone and some have been good, some bad, but all the favourite ones have been the Sennheiser ones. My current home/travel ones are a pair of the folding Sennheiser ones (PX 100 or 200), good but I need something more solid and with more ambient noise reduction for work. Oh, electric noise cancellation is not a good idea, some of the time I am just wearing the headphones to not be disturbed but am not really listening to anything, the anti-noise is a bit annoying as the sounds you do hear are a bit distorted.

Normally I would not consider the dear ones but I just got my car insurance bill and it is £1200 so I figure the odd hundred extra can't hurt!
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