Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Iceland Photos

I spent last night sorting through through the Iceland photos in iPhoto, all 1700 of them. They now have been categorised by keyword into one or more of

Poor, SmallOnly, Me, Friends, Scotland, Packing, Travel, Textures, Landscapes, NorthLoop, WestLoop, Rek, Kev, Geysir, Godafoss, Flora&Fauna, Akureyri, Husavik, Food&Drink, Signs&Maps, Things, Structures

The only Fauna I have is either an Icelandic Horse, or skeletal, or stuffed. The only categories that are underused are the Poor and SmallOnly. Poor means the picture is so bad to be unusable, and SmallOnly means it is too out of focus to be uses full size, but looks ok reduced. The problem was I was using a 12" laptop screen so to be able to tell true quality of the image I needed to go into full screen mode. But in full screen mode I could find no way of setting a keyword. Bit annoying. The other snag was the images are on my external usb hard disk. This uses two USB connectors: one for data, one for power. This meant I did not have one free to plug the mouse into.

People will get the photos I have promised them when I get the correcting & selecting step done.
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