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Catch up

After I left Nik's house on Friday morning I had no more posting access.

Friday we flew down to Reykjavik, hired a car and went to the Saga Museum, Geysir, and the Blue Lagoon. Then on to Matt and Rebecca's house in Keflavik.

Nik had to head back early Saturday morning and I spent the day sight seeing on the Keflavik peninsula with Matt and Rebecca. We the went out for a very good lamb dinner at a place near the blue lagoon. Friends of theirs are in a band that was performing that evening in a club on the base so we went along, enjoyed the music and got to bed very late.

At 5:30 on Sunday Matt got me up and we headed to the Airport. The flight home went OK apart from an excess baggage charge. Turned out my cheep ticket had a smaller weight allowance. Car was safe and well so I drove home. Kind of flopped and unpacked till teatime - tobyaw fed me chili for tea and not much happened that evening. Or I was too sleepy to remember it.

Monday was work where I fed people Kleinur - these are a sweet bread dough that is shaped and deep fried. You eat them for breakfast with coffee. After work a trip down to visit gythanorth in hospital. Managed to talk solidly about Iceland for an hour then remember to ask her how she was for a couple of minutes at the end. Oh she like the Icelandic wool sharikkamur and I had bought her. I got home and loaded all 1700 photos (and 36 movies) onto my poor little Powerbook. It was very hot after iPhoto had imported all 5.1G of data. It may take a while to sort through them all to find the good ones. An album of the trip will appear at some point.


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Feb. 14th, 2006 03:18 pm (UTC)
Good to hear that you made it from Glasgow to St. Andrews in one piece, and nice to know that Gytha likes the wool. The colour combination worked then, I take it?
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