Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Dentist ups and downs

Well, after a very good visit at the Dundee dental hospital I finished my treatment. It has taken oh... about eleven years all told. It was about 1993/4 when I got referred to the Anxiety clinic there by "the dentist opposite the student union" in St Andrews. From needing all treatment under sedation I have come a long way. I today had a (small) filling repaired without any aesthetic or fuss. That is just not something I would have thought possible even three years ago. We have now reached the stage where I had a talk to the consultant I have been seeing at the hospital. While she is making me an appointment in 6 months time she wants me to go around the local dentists in my area, just have an appointment and a chat with them. Find out if there is one I can get on with and move to their practice. Then when I get the appointment in 6 months time I just need to ring up and let her know I am settled somewhere else.

My timing is of course perfect. Two news stories from the past couple of weeks:



Ho hum. There just doesn't appear to be any way of handing a patient from the dental hospital back to a dental practice. They could not even give me a list of NHS dentists to ring round. I was surprised to learn that unlike medical notes your dental notes do not follow you about. I have an impressive folder at the dental hospital and it seams silly that will not be available to whoever I move to. I will have to tell the story of failed anaesthetic as a young child yet again.

There are three NHS dentists listed in the St Andrews area on the NHS Fife web site - but only in a MS Word file! - one is not taking on more patients - one is only taking on private patients - the other is the one that shut last week.
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