Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson


From guyelfkin's journal.

Use Google to search for images of the things in this list and post to you LJ.

Home Town
Place you now live
Favourite Food
Favourite Drink
Favourite Band
Favourite Smell
Favourite style of Shoes

My results...

Home Town: Donaghadee, Co. Down (Big image but it does show our house)

Place you now live: Brewster Place, St Andrews

Name: Andrew Patterson (This was the first one and this guy appeared twice on the first page) Gotta get me a gun!

Favourite Food: Noodles (says it all really!)

Favourite Drink: Ginger Beer (Even my brand)

Favourite Band: My favourite album is Original Sin by Pandora's Box. (One of Jim Steinman's creations)

Favourite Smell: I am a little worried after the last one but the smell is leather. Oh, not to bad...

Favourite style of Shoes: This style of ankle boot.

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