Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Two weeks worth of updates

From leaving work on Friday evening I was car shopping. I looked at lots on web sites and in papers. Went and saw about 14. There was only three I really considered. A Volvo V40 that turned out to be way over priced, a Mercedes C200 that was sold the day before I tried to buy it and a Saab 9 5 that I like. That took me up until Thursday morning when I looked at the Saab but could not drive it as the owner of the car place had been called away and the guy looking after it was not sure if I would be insured to drive it. This was in Glasgow on my way to collect Jenny and Fraser. From there we drove down to Eastercon. Fraser did the driving there and back which was great.

Eastercon happened. I met people. I had fun. I took some photos.

On the way back home on Tuesday we stopped at the car showroom in Hamilton (just south of Glasgow) as I had arranged to test drive the Saab. All went well apart from one snag. The cars power steering had died. I talked to the guy and he has arranged for it to be fixed and is happy to have the RAC inspection. I am now just waiting to get a call from him to say the car is fixed and ready for inspection.

So now I am a bit worried. I spent yesterday taking the car-phone kit out of the Vectra and have it ready to go back tomorrow. Might give it a wash. But I have not bought the replacement yet. Mary and I have a grocery shopping trip planned for tonight wile I still have a car.
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