Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

The English Guest House

This is a photo of the better of the two B&B's I was in this weekend.
Bit sad really.

This one was in Newcastle. This one had a cold room, with a TV, but no
remote. I always find staring at buckets of paint a bit much at
breakfast. The breakfast was OK-ish, they did have hot chocolate.

The second in Lincoln was also being redecorated. Good point - they had
no single room with shared bathroom available as I had booked, so gave
me an en suite double instead. Bad point - the shower in the en suite
did only cold water. Good point - there was a shared bathroom with a
shower I could use. Bad point - the shower in here did not work at all.
The breakfast here was awful on Saturday; it was better on Sunday
however - there was less of it. The marmalade I had on Saturday was in a
small bowl. It must have been sitting out a while as it had formed a
hard skin that I scraped to the side of the dish to get some out. On the
Sunday I was presented with the same bowl, complete with the skin I had
left there the day before. I decided to skip marmalade the second day.
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