Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Star Trek Reviews

Anyone ever read this book:

The Physics of Star Trek (Unabridged)
Author: Lawrence M. Krauss
Narrator: Larry McKeever
Unabridged Nonfiction
Audio Length: 6 hours and 31 min.

What actually happens when the words, "beam me up, Scottie" are uttered? What "warps" when something travels at warp speed? Internationally renowned theoretical physicist and educator Lawrence M. Krauss provides matter-of-fact scientific explanations of the physics of Star Trek in this highly creative and informative guide for both the devoted Trekkie and the physics novice. Krauss reviews the basic laws of physics, as well as the ideas of leading physicists, including Newton, Hawking, Einstein, Feynman, Kirk, and Janeway.

Is it worth a listen?
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