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I bought a logic3 i-station yesterday for my iPod. (Small speakers with ipod connector.)

I bought it so I could have it beside my bed to listen at night and charge the ipod ready for the next day. And had been realy happy with it. All the playing I had done during the day was using power from the 4 AA batteries it can take. Last night I plugned it into the mains (needed to save the batteries and charge the iPod). It buzzed. Ok I thought not great but when you are playing stuff you cannot hear the buzz so wile not great this is still ok. When you stop playing music the unit waits for 2 minutes and then switched to a low power mode. In low power mode it clicked. About twice a second.

I have just parcelled it back up in it's box again and it is going back to argos. I am somewhat annoyed. I would accept this sort of problem from a cheep item but this was £60.

I wonder if it is a general problem of is this one just dodgy. I think I might have to look at some of the other ones. The Bose one should be good but it is £250.


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Jan. 30th, 2005 10:32 am (UTC)
Hope the problem gets sorted out satisfactorily.

So this confirms you're not a big fan of buzz stations. Must go and catch one to do the shopping...
Jan. 30th, 2005 04:31 pm (UTC)
I understand your frustration completely. I am not sure whether or not i-station is just a lemmon or if it is the whole line. I find in general that electronics are being made shoddily anyway these days. All part of a marketing ploy I imagine.

A week after Christmas, I bought a DVD player as mine had died. I got a great deal at $40. Or so I thought. I had to take two buses with waiting in between to get to the shop in the first place and also a walk from the bus stop to the shop. And it was bloody cold that day too. After all that, I got it home and attempted to hook it up and it wouldn't download the movie DVD's, only the music CD's. I was a bit annoyed as you can imagine.

I phoned my friend, Jaime, to see if he would possibly drive me back to exchange it. He kindly did and I took it back and got another one. This one lasted two weeks, then died - won't take either music or movies. So, now I need to approach yet another friend to drive me or I have to brave two buses and a walk to take it back. Needless to say, I left 'annoyed' behind a long time ago.

I realized that $40 isn't really that much (it's about 20 pounds or so)for a DVD player, but I thought that for $40 it should last me for longer than two weeks! I shall go back this week and demand an upgrade and I will make a scene if I have to and speak with as many managers as it will take.

Personally, I think it is a marketing ploy to force us to pay $250/ or 250 pounds for electronics, when I am quite certain they cost a fraction of that to make.

Good luck.
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