Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Accident Update

The guy who hit me in October has decided to tell his insurance company that his car was stolen earlier that day. He claims he reported it to the police but that they did not give him a reference number.

This is after he has left the scene of the accident. Been tracked down by the police using the car. Had me pick his photo out of the line up. He has been arrested & charged with "Failure to stop and report" the accident.

So now the numpty is lying to his insurance company, which will have no effect other than to slow my claim down. I had a good chat with Paul from Tesco insurance who is handling my case. Tesco have had to issue court proceedings against him and now his insurance company have said will have no further dealing in the matter until there is an "unsatisfactory" court result.

Ho hum.
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