Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Caring too much

I had a chat with mum late last night and Claire (my sister) this morning.

Long complex story staring Pauline (a drunk distant cousin, with no other family), and featuring the Police, the Paramedics, the Firemen, two assorted neighbours, my Great Aunt Moe, 4 litres of vodka (with white lightning cider as mixer), a bin bag of wee soaked clothes, my parents and co-staring a bath tub.

I ended up shouting at my mum. I actually used words like fuck and fucking in the conversation. The real shock was mum did not pull me up on them, so she must have deep down felt they were justified.

Mum actually talked about getting Pauline's car fixed, taxed, insured and MOTed next month. A drunk shouldn't have a car! Mum paid her insurance MOT, tax, etc. last year out of here own pocket as she found out Pauline had been driving without anything for months.

My mum had phoned to apologised that my card would be late, she had spend all day involved in her part of the story (about 5am to 11pm) so had not got to the post office with it.

The talk with Claire was good but not very up beat. Claire has just told mum that she no longer wishes to hear about Pauline and advised mum to have nothing more to do with cleaning up Pauline's mess. (Sometimes literally - yes THAT drunk!)

I just feel so sorry for mum, this is not what she should be spending her retirement doing. She has already looked after Granny (emphysema), Grandpa (lung cancer), and is current looking after Great Aunt Moe (M.S., hard of hearing) and Great Uncle Roy (ileostomy, kidney disease, heart disease, very deaf). She does not need Pauline as well. They had got her into a care home but she left as she wanted drink.

Oh well. I had a couple of biscuits, a few chocolates and half a packed of crisps for breakfast. And some coffee. This did not really help but passed the time.

I have bought an egg sandwich for lunch from the van that comes round work.
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