Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Amazon Marketplace

Tried to get a present for Dad off this. Arrived today but I just sent ot the following.

The following item arrived today. It was not as described.

The conditions listed on Amazon was described as "Used - Like New", this was incorrect.

The item I have received was in a badly scuffed box, had a dog-eared inlay card, a broken inner CD box, and a dirty/scratched CD. The item has obviously been posted in this condition as some of the broken plastic parts were not present in sealed packaging. This item is in a 'materially different' condition to that described.

The packaging also did not approach that used by Amazon to post a CD.

Please arrange a full refund to my credit card and either arrange collection of the item or send a prepaid envelope for it's return by royal mail.

Thank you,

Andrew Patterson

We will see how I get on. I would have been happy if the CD itself had not been so marked. I could fix the rest.

Ho hum. It is 30 day before I can start a complaint through Amazon. Hopefully it will be sorted by then.
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