Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

December Travels

I will be down in Chertsey the week of 6-10 December attending a Microsoft course. Only 9-5 this one so I will have eveings free. (Tue, Wed, Thu - also Monday but I will have got up at 5am to catch my flight so think planing anything to that day would be a bad move)

Anyone want to do something one of the night?

Dinner? or Theater? or Shopping? or just chatting?

Was looking at what is on:-

Round The Horne... Revisited @ The Venue
Jerry Springer - The Opera starring David Soul @ Cambridge
Murderer by Anthony Shaffer starring Les Dennis ( & dinner at Menier Restaurant )
Blithe Spirit @ the Savoy Theatre staring Penelope Keith
One Flew Over thr Cuckoo's Nest @ Gielgud Theatre

Not possibles:
The Producers - booked out till after xmas
We Will Rock You - too dear, tickets value £45 but agents want £65 for them. (edit) since found cheaper source - about £30)
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