Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

The man from Constabulary, he say yes!

I had two officers from Fife Constabulary round this evening. Fortunately they phoned first so I had a chance to find the coffee table under the paperwork and remote controls and plump the cushions. They brought with them a printout with 12 photographs of men on it and asked me if I could find the driver of the car that crashed into the back of me last month. It was very hard. The most distinctive thing I remembered about him was his eyes, or rather the look of his eyes through his strong glasses. None of the men pictured were wearing glasses! The officers explained to me to try and concentrate on the other details. The example he gave was the often the offender had a hat on when the witness saw them, but not in the photo. To get round this you try covering the top of each photo so you can not be distracted by the hair you did not see. So I tried masking out the eyes of each photo with one of my keys and looking at the rest of the face.

It was easy to get down to three, and then to two. To separate the last two was a problem. Each had the right facial elements. It was only when I back tracked and looked at the faces as a whole and thought about the driver that it came to me, one of the men was too young. That left one. Next we go into Who Wants To Be A Millionare mode and have the "Final answer?" discussion. "Yes, that one." And I was right! So they get to prosecute him.

And I should now have someone to claim my loss against. Oh, still have hire car, no news about mine but think it should be being painted today.
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