Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson


I Am A: Lawful Neutral Human Ranger Druid

Lawful Neutral characters believe in the triumph of law and order above all else. It does not matter whether the leader is for good or evil; the leader will be followed, because the order they provide is the most important thing.

Humans are the 'average' race. They have the shortest life spans, and because of this, they tend to avoid the racial prejudices that other races are known for. They are also very curious and tend to live 'for the moment'.

Primary Class:
Rangers are the defenders of nature and the elements. They are in tune with the Earth, and work to keep it safe and healthy.

Secondary Class:
Druids are a special variety of Cleric who serves the Earth, and can call upon the power in the earth to accomplish their goals. They tend to be somewhat fanatical about defending natural settings.

Silvanus is the True Neutral god of nature. He is also known as the Patron of Druids. His followers believe in the perfect balance of nature, and believe that nature's bounty is preferable to any other 'civilizing' method. They wear leather or metallic scale mail, constructed of leaf-shaped scales. Silvanus's symbol is an oak leaf.

Find out What D&D Character Are You?, courtesy ofNeppyMan (e-mail)

Detailed Results:

Lawful Good ----- XX (2)
Neutral Good ---- XX (2)
Chaotic Good ---- (0)
Lawful Neutral -- XXXXXXX (7)
True Neutral ---- XX (2)
Chaotic Neutral - (-1)
Lawful Evil ----- XXXXX (5)
Neutral Evil ---- X (1)
Chaotic Evil ---- XXX (3)

Human ---- XXX (3)
Half-Elf - (-3)
Elf ------ X (1)
Halfling - X (1)
Dwarf ---- X (1)
Half-Orc - XXX (3)
Gnome ---- XX (2)

Fighter - X (1)
Ranger -- XXX (3)
Paladin - (-3)
Cleric -- (-2)
Mage ---- (0)
Druid --- XX (2)
Thief --- (-3)
Bard ---- X (1)
Monk ---- (-3)
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