Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Stupid hire car

I got one of these yesterday. My first:


And it was not my fault. The bloody car tax on the hire car had run out. I nice traffic warden gave it to me. He came to the car window and asked if I knew it had run out. I said it was a hire car and I had not thought to look. When I explained the situation he said it was the owner that the ticket is for so I can pass it on to the hire company.

When I got home I looked at the tax and was surprised that it had not run out on the 1st Nov as I thought from the conversation. I had run out on the 1st Oct, so was invalid even before I got the car!

Oh, and the central locking of the car has packed up, some of the locks are working and others are not. It had been a bit of a dead loss of a car. Earliest estimate for my car is now Tuesday.
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