Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Talking to the police

Well I just gave my statement of the accident to the police. So we will
just have to wait and see how things go. Hopefully that is the last
dealings I will have with the police directly. Now they and the insurance
have all the information the need to deal with each other.

The car is going in to Curtis Motors in Dunfermline, I am dropping it off
on Saturday in Cupar and picking up a hire one. I have told Curtis and
the rental car people that I need an automatic. We will see if
they have listened on Saturday.

It is really hard to recall to give an accurate statement. I know what
happened but getting it into clear words is difficult.

Oh anyway, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow to see about my neck.
Congratulations to all those who predicted it would get soar! I talked to
the practice nurse and she arranged the appointment and told me to take
ibuprofen (oh, the spelling checker new that) for the pain. She also
added that it would probably get worse before it got better - not good
news but I guess reassuring!

I am just finding it all a bit bizarre, why would someone leg-it from the
crash. No insurance? Drink driving? Just plane stupid? If it is the first
two it will be a claim on my insurance and that will loose me my no
claims discount as I have a "fault" claim on my policy from the time I
was hit my the Wiseman Milk lorry that did not stop. As none of their
drivers reported the crash they would not help! It is hard to mistake a
lorry when it is painted like a Friesian cow.
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