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Andrew Patterson

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Horible Course

God this is bad, from when we arrived on sunday at 6pm we have been reading, having lectures, doing labs.

There is no time for anything else and if you miss something no time to catch up.

Start at 8:30 after breakfast, work till 12:45 with one 10 min break. Start labs at 13:15, finish at 19:00 for tea (ment to be 1 hour but had to catch up so 30 mins). Summary of the day at 20:00 to 20:30, then reading for next day till midnight. News on R4, sleep wake at 6:50, wash, catch up on reading, Breakfast at 7:45 to 8:15, then move books to classroom.

While it is horible the people are good and are making it as breable as possible.

The place is nice, food good (but no time to savour it), drinks and snacks plentiful and always available.

Another 3 chapters to read before tomorow...

... oh and a 2.5 hour exam tomorrow about 17:30. The first.
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