Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Hair, fat, clean hair, clean skin, jazz, raw flesh, and coloured skin

Haircut this morning form John's as I will be away for the next two weekends. After that a wander round St Andrews.

In the cheese shop I got some very thick (almost 1 cm) slices of Italian dry cured streaky bacon.

Went into The Body Shop looking for a shampoo & body wash that will fit my wash bag. Had no luck but the girl was real helpful. When we could not find anything small enough she asked how long I would be away for, nipped back to the counter and popped enough free sample sachets into a bag to do me! Mixed in with the shampoo and conditioner there was one face pack, I assume you do not apply it if you have a beard.

Got dad a couple of Jazz CD as I wandered past one of the charity shops. They were in there "new but cheep" range.

Went into the butchers and got some Sirloin stake and lamb leg stake to go with the bacon into the hot oil fondue. I checked with tobyaw and kateaw that cooking meat in there living room was going to be OK. Have yet to thinly slice the beef and lamb and cut the bacon into lardons. I was also thinking of doing Spam cubes... but have to buy that yet.

I wandered into Boots and had another hunt for a small shampoo/body wash. I am looking for one about the size of a Sure roll on. Again no luck, every other skin product appears to come in that size, just not body wash. Of course the real reason for going to boots was the 5000 point that have been tempting me. I now have a spray paint body art kit to play with.

Finally I went to The Citizen shop an bought a With Sympathy card as my Great Aunt Peggy died this week and mum suggested I send a card to her cousin Helen. The hard bit is coming up with something to say. Aunty Peggy was my first school teacher (Primary 1 to 3) which I do not really remember. I remember her in later years when she visited gran as someone who brought very nice lemon curd.

It was a great day, bright and windy but dry and just the right temperature.
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