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Time for some hints


  1. something exotic, something erotic

  2. The show this is from has something for everyone. It is almost one of the


  1. Ice, crack, angel dust and Prozac

  2. This was written in Dundee but does not sound like it. It was Number 1 in its
    own little world. Good driving music.

  3. We stand or fall, When the thoughts you have are not your own

  4. According to the College of Paramedics: Heroin
    -Oral/Subcutaneous/Intramuscular/Intravenous - Effects seen nearly immediately
    after IV injection. I think it is more synthetic than that. It certainly sound

  5. Take another shot of courage

  6. Then you lick the salt and suck the lemon? Or is Grenadine involved?


  1. The miner with his coal.

  2. I first heard this on the Freddy Mercury tribute concert. There performance was
    compared favourable to one of the great bands of the decade. Unfortunately the
    great bands performance was compared to them.

  3. England's got a new Queen

  4. 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961,
    1962, 1963, and 1964 to 1969. This line is from 1952. I think it keeps ending
    up as a class history project.

  5. we're marching to a faster pace

  6. "faster pace" rhymes well with "master race", even in a very bad accent.

News, Weather & Travel

  1. a handfull of people on a leaky boat are going to save the world

  2. Oh kome on people, I thought this was easy! Remember it is only a game.

  3. AM, FM, Weather and News

  4. Just describe the first part of the line.

  5. It's a day for catching tan, Just lying on the beach and having fun

  6. My latest purchase, not something I am completely happy with.


  1. And do you hear me call? (gimme the ring)

  2. This just makes me think of a rusty gate in a nunnery.


  1. Happy to see you, Bleibe, reste, stay

  2. This song is in German, French and English. It sort of features simultaneous
    translation. Unlike 16 this is sung in a good accent.

  3. liebfraumilch, liebfraumilch

  4. I knew I wanted a piece by these artists, but then had a problem. They really
    only perform the works of others. This is from one of the few original pieces,
    and even then they just set the words to music. The title is in French, at
    least in posh establishments. The rest would be the same in most countries.

  5. Pour habiter ma solitude de mon mieux, Moi qui ne sais qu'être deux

  6. This music has already been correctly identified, as has one of the two
    singers. Just in one of the other questions. It is the same line of the song.

  7. Tra la la la la, Tra la la la la, Tra la la la la la!

  8. This blooming marvelous tune, while not very seasonal at this time of year, it
    is also a timeless classic. It really takes the biscuit, but I prefer

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