Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Recycling ups and downs

I am not really that keen on recycling as it always appears to have a down side. When carrying glass jars to the glass bank one of the bags split and I had a car boot full of shards. The blue paper bin is useful, but the problem is that real bulky paper stuff, old phone books and cardboard packaging are not allowed. The green plant waste one is good for grass clippings, but the problem is in the hot weather when it gets full, it is gross. There are holes at the bottom of the bin that this brown sticky smelly stuff oozes out of. It appears to stain the path. It is ok, there is not a photo of that. There are also a huge number of little black flies all around the bin. This means there are also lots of spiders. Not nice.

The only good point is that on a misty morning when I go to pull the rubbish bin out there is a beautiful cobweb.


Nice, but I am not sure it is worth the rest.

Had to send image again, then it came thought instantly.
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