Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Discworld at last

Well I got here and have registered with hotel and con. Have my room 523 (ground floor with view of car-park*).

From the B&B I went to the Croft Mill fabric shop which was near by, see I had not just picked one in the middle of nowhere. Got there about 11 and left at 12:15

The journey from the mill should have taken till 2:30, but I got here at 6:00. And to do that I cheated and used the M6 Toll road (£3.00) to skip Birmingham. The problem was M6 J23-18 which was buggered**.

I passed several people urinating by the side of the road. It was interesting to see the different approaches of the people trying to keep ther dignity as they were caught short. At the services near Knutsford there was a queue onto the motorway of people trying to get into the car park.

At the services I stopped at (before the road got real bad) a chap tried to sell me a set of chef's knives out of the back of his lorry. Do I look like a chef or something? I guess I must not as surely he would have known not waist his time selling crap like that to a real chef. The box looked smart (think aluminium flight case) but the knives were not good. One of those funny stay sharp grindings that ensures wile the knife is never blunt, it is never sharp either.

Oh well off to look for people. Might have a swim.

* For this hotel the car-park is a good view. The other options are another room and the air conditioning plant.
** Spelling checker does not like buggered, do I mean beggared? No!
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