Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Mum's PC

Mum needs a new PC. They currently have an old PC they inherited. All of it is scrap so they need a new system.

She uses Word, Excel, Email, Web, and a photo package that talks to her camera.

I could get a new PC so everything will be the same, but i cannot support the blasted things. And they are such a target for viruses.

What I want to get her is a nice Mac. I can support it, it will do the same things, almost run the same applications, and there are so few viruses to wory about.

Mum is not keen to change, but if i buy her a Microsoft 2 button mouse will it be that different?

Oh the other snag is there is a ~£800 price limit. Ok for the machine, hard for machine & software & new printer!
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