Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Soap, suds, scum, spin, sting, smell, solvent, but no sun

Washed the tent in old fashioned soap flakes. Lots of suds. Then lots of rinsing and some very scummy water. I put each tent side into the machine to rinse and spin. The soap has not been kind to my hands. It made the area around the nails sting. My hands have not felt this bad since we made soap in chemistry and then washed our hands with it. Mary gave me some heavy duty moisturiser. The soap was also a rather odd smell, or rather it was un-perfumed so there was just a waxy/fatty smell.

This was all so today I could put on the solvent based waterproofer, for it to work all the detergent has to be washed out of the fabric. It also needs to dry for 6 hours without any moisture (rain/due) but it is all misty and slightly damp today. The forecast was for sun.
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