Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

I am not a Mummy's boy

I collected a new sleeping bag at lunch today. The local camping shop had
ordered it in specially for me.

It is a:

Vango Nitestar 300XL Square

Temperature rating (0C): to -10
Comfort Rating: -2 to +20
Total Weight (kg): 3500
Length (cm): 235
Chest Width (cm): 110
Foot Width (cm): 110
Pack Size (cm) L x Diam: 60x35
Colour: Bottle/Black

My current one is by the same people and is quite good but it is one of the
Mummy style ones and I always feel very trapped in it. I like to move my
legs around when try and get to sleep and this is not possible. This one has
a square end so there is room for my feet to move and is 20cm wider than

It is quite large... even in its stuff sack I think it is larger then my
three man tent.
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