Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Wax, paint, stain, oil, and more wax

Soaked a leather disk in hot wax and shaped it to form a small cap for the top/center of the mutant tent thing. Painted the metal stands of the two amphoras with black Hammorite. Stained and oiled the wooden ball to go on top of the leather disk. Started to hem two waxed cotton squares for tables cloths over the camping tables I picked up in Homebase.

Yesterday I went down to Richard and gythanorth's house and they gave me a hand with the first fitting of the sides on the tent thing. It looks a bit odd. I think it will be good for The Gathering, but not much else. It has been a great leaning experience though. I need to make a proper one though. Got invited for tea and we has three different salads. Each of us had a very different mix of ingredient we would eat.
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