Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Product Placement

I want a G5.

I new that apple had brought it out but had not really thought about it until just now. And the reason I came across the info about it is very clever on apple's part.

You may have come across the Microsoft versus Eolas court case, it is odd in that a lot of non-Microsoft people are on the Microsoft side. It revolves around a patent to do with displaying content in a web browser using a third party tool. Examples would be Flash, PDF, SVG, RealMedia, QuickTime; all the fun interesting bits that just load automatically when you look at a page.

Microsoft have currently lost the case (more legal stuff pending) so are looking a making changes to Internet Explorer to comply. There is a press release & a web developer support page all about it. I was reading this as works website uses flash. There are also links to help info that has been provided by other people, Macromedia about Flash, RealNetworks about RealPlayer and Apple about QuickTime.

The Macromedia article is a bit dry but informative. The Apple one has two example pages for additional information. The QuickTime movie example just happens to be their Power Mac G5 Introduction Video. That is a very well targeted ad!

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