Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

What I have been up to...

The side panels to turn gazebo into a tent are basically completed and waiting for a dry weekend so I can have a fitting.

I now have the bits to attach the wooden ball to the top of the Gazebo. Again waiting for dry day.

I now have three long linen shirts/robes to wear as part of my Arabic-ish outfit at the Gathering. One red, one pale blue and one cream. Mary was a great help in keeping me focused on the sewing and also with advice and a straight eye when it come to fixing hem lengths.

I have a truly hideous knee length waistcoat for the rest of the outfit. Sort of Moroccan / Aztec/ marmalade-cat / parrot coloured print.

I bought a Moroccan copper kettle (decoration only) in T K Max (odd shop) that was reduced to £9. I pealed off the many reduced stickers and found prices £14, £28, £32, £39, £49, and £59.99 so recon I got a good deal. I also think that considering the quality they had a real cheek ever asking more than £30.

I bought a Science Museum electronic desk weather station (temp=23.8, humidity=44%, pressure=999mb, date=7/29, day=thu, time=1:38, forecast=rain) also reduced in T K Max for £15. Been wanting one of these for years.

Had stuartc and dianec42 friends round on the 17th for a "Look who is in the country" party. Went quite well and the food worked ok. Did Mexican - meaty stuff, cheese, sour cream, (all Atkins ok) with torteas, nachos, refried beans, salsa, (non-Atkins) so everyone was happy. Also made egg custard with Splenda and double cream, went a bit eggy solid over the normal milk/sugar version but everyone could eat it (except Mary who does not like egg - sorry), served with stewed nectarines for those of us who carb!

I got a groundsheet for the tent.

I ordered an Andrew size sleeping bag. Square end rather than mummy style and 110cm wide rather than 85cm. I do not like the feeling of being enclosed I have with the current one.

I got an afghan rug from the rug shop in St Andrews that I never go in to. They also had some very nice woven tent bindings, but they were v. dear, and too short to go all the way round my tent.

Stuart and Diane brought me an armful of fresh herbs from there garden that had been going wild while they were away in the US. I tied them into bunches and have then hanging in my shed to dry, I think they will make good set dressing for a Moroccan spice merchants tent. Also I will save some to use as dried herbs. There is sage, rosemary, and mint.

I have made extensive use of pyjama cords that I have pinched from tobyaw. His dad's company makes them among other things. There are about a dozen stitched to the tent sides to hold the flaps closed. I also used them as ties on the tent pole bag and peg bag I made.

I bought 30 meters of navy cotton-ish fabric to make 12 tables cloths for Harpelestane. It was £2 per meter which meant that each cloth will cost £5. This is not too bad a price and is extraordinary good when you consider that the fabric has been fire-retarded and the coating is washable at low temperatures. I had been looking for anything that would do this since Warbands and when I found the cloth bought it quick. It was a cancel order, hence the low price. Edzell Village Hall told us this year they are likely to insist all the fabric we use is flame-retarded as part of the risk assessment next year. I had worked out that it would cost us £8 to treat each of the cloths we have with a spray and that would wash out.

Toby's dad has also lent me a 12v battery box thing. (12v leisure battery, mains charger, amp meter, 3 cigar lighter sockets 3 other outlets all in a sturdy box.) I charged it up and as expected the battery part is on the way out, it had been unused for years. It only held its full charge for about 1 hour, but only fell to half full and held that well. I have run my lantern off it for 12 hours and counting.

Oh I made a lantern, or rather modified it. Got a copper lantern from ASDA, removed the plain clear glass shade and replaced it with a stained glass one I made. I then added two 12v bulbs to where the tea-light should have been and wired it to a cigar lighter plug. I think it looks quite good. After a bit of a hunt I have even found another matching lantern in a different asda (they were end-of-line) so I can make a second.

Toby's dad, called Richard by the way, also has lent me a solar battery unit to play with. Like the pyjama cords an Atkin original. Similar looking box to mains unit, separate solar panel that plugs in to top up the battery. Will have a go at the weekend end.

I got a sewing machine, dremel, and blue-n-white G3 Mac from Stuart and Diane as part of there clear out. I now have a working bobbin winder!

There is so much that I have not said, if you want more information on any item post a question in the comments.
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