Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Holiday Day 1 : Biggar

Only very smelly people must live in Biggar, so many shops selling strong smelling soaps or fragranced candles.

Had chicken sandwich for lunch. Even though the cafe was called the Llama something they did not have any on the menu. They did also sell mohair wool though.

Not posting pictures live as town has no phone signal.

In town to visit the gas works. I turned off one road to soon and had my first drive through a ford. Had my second drive through one shortly after as had to turn round and come back the same way.

Wonder if the source of the smell was the gas works :-)

Interesting place but no guided tour or knowledgable staff to ask question of.

Turned out it was open doors weekend so the other museums in the town were free (have historic Scotland card so those free anyway). Got pointed at the Albion Motors museam that turned out to close early so just looked at fire engine outside.

Went round Gladstone Court. This was a collection of bits of old shops rebuilt in a big shed. Interesting to wander round. Had a cool telephone exchange.

Headed down the motorway to my hotel: Gilsland Spa, Brampton near Carlisle. Wedding venue / faded splendour type place. But big room and good bed.

Missed a great photo of the sunrise, camera was still in the car!

Off for breakfast.

Post should get some pictures when I breakfast and find bit of the building with some wifi.

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