Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Busy Lunches

Yesterday and today at lunch I have:

Got a PAYT Vodafone Sim for my old phone so Stacy can borrow it while cooking the feast for warbands. £10 with £1 credit, jumping to £2 after you register. Few years ago you got one that cost £15 but had £5 + £5 on it.

Got some Waterproofer for tent fabric.

Got some parchment style paper for menues.

Got some Granny's Soap Flakes.

Washed the car.

The soap and waterproofer are for the period cosie I am making for the blue & while striped gazebo. I cut the fabric out last night. It was SO close. I think I am 5cm short on one of the panels. I will need to be a bit clever with the sewing together. One of the wall panels will be pieced from 5 parts.
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