Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Dinner, bed and breakfast

Stopped at the Tankerville Arms in Wooler. Whether was getting snowy so I decided not to stop for dinner on the drive so ate a bit later than I like when I got to the hotel. The food was good though.

Starter was mushrooms stuffed with Stilton and honey. Was a bit of a gamble but sounded interesting. Turned out to be very good and nicely balanced.

After the adventurous choice I starter I want do a bacon cheese burger from the special board for main. It was good too. Mum would have approved as they had buttered the roll. The bacon was two thick rashers, very impressing.

Bed was a single (in twin room) but I managed not to fall out. Slept well.

Breakfast was also good. My only comment is the shape of the plate. Long thin plates are harder to eat off. Not a problem for lunch or dinner but before I have woken up properly…

I skipped the bacon this time wary of the salt content.

Off to pack the car and decide what to do for the day.

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