Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Long day

Yesterday was making the workshirt. I started off with two sweatshirts. One of these are used to make the main garment. The other I used the sleeves of as fabric to make the pockets and collar that I attached to the other sweatshirt.

It did take most of the day, but I did have a break in the middle when I went out grocery shopping with Toby and then had lunch.

I think I might be a bit strange, as when you look at the finish garment the only thing you can really see is the collar and zip. All of the other work with the pockets is completely invisible but I wanted to do it right. I still need to shorten the zip by a couple of inches on the inside, but I could only buy certain lengths and the other option was one that was 1 inch too short. I will have to get a heavy pair of scissors and cut and finish the end but that can wait.

Starting point, cheap eBay sweatshirt x2

Bound with tape and the chest opened.

Removed and flattened sleeves

The collar and pocket pieces

Finished garment inside

Finished garment outside

I am happy with how the collar is sitting in the end bit I spent a lot of time making it and setting in the zip. I really do not like doing zips.

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