Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

451 Uniform progress

Over the weekend I made an engraving file (it uses a HP plotter language) after talking to the local engravers. I send him the file on Monday morning and Kate collected the engraved belt buckle for me that afternoon. My only gripe is he engraved the design on it the wrong way up so I will have to feed the belt in backwards.

I then decided to try colouring the design. I coloured it with a sharpie and then used a cloth to rub the excess off the surface. I am not sure about the result.

Tonight I did a test stitch of the designs for the shirt onto some black felt. It might get recycled into some patches.

The big number might need a different fill method as it is not that even at the moment. There is also something up about the back left foot of the salamander.

I ordered a couple of baseball caps, some buttons and received a black t-shirt and a couple of black sweatshirts. They were very cheap off eBay and the quality is not as bad as I feared. I hope to uses them to make a workshirt. One shirt will be cut up to supply fabric for new collar and pockets on the other. If I can just use the sleeves I might end up with a sleeveless top left over.

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