Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Fahrenheit 451 Uniform - Initial Design

I pulled together the design elements I had been playing with and made some illustrator templates and embroidery files. I have not test stitched them yet.

I have a few decisions left to make.
- Badge A with igniter (sorta zippo style)
- Badge B with axe (the are described as using axes to break windows so the air gets to the fire and it burns better)

The only bit from the quotes (see last post) I have not incorporated is the description of Montag putting on badge with the salamander onto his chest. It does not fit with the other descriptions in my mind of the badge... it of course might be like an additional pin badge of gold or silver with an orange salamander, like an award...

Any comments welcome!

Fahrenheit 451 Uniform Ideas
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