Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Day trip to Newcastle

Ok. Long story. Short version. Mum and dad bought me a set of cutlery. Eight place setting in Kings Pattern handle. This came in a large wooden case. Approx 50x40x20cm and weighing about 2 stone. Not something to try and bring back on the plane. I am back home for a week the end of the month Dundee/Belfast. This seamed to be turning into another slate lamp. The lamp was at parents for about 4 years before it made it to my house as it was so heavy. Anyway, my brother-in-law Michael was heading across on the ferry and was making the crossing with his car. So Michael got the cutlery from mum and dad and it came over to England with him. That got it as far as Newcastle. At lease now it was on the same land mass as me. Step one complete. Next get it into the same country. I arranged with Michael to take him to lunch today. I got up, packed a bag (that is put a big bag into a small one), and hopped on the 9:20 East Coast to Newcastle. Then got onto the Metro towards South Shields, pausing only to play with a ticket machine and Gibraltar £1 coin, the machine was not impressed. The lady in the ticket office (who could not sell tickets) swapped it for one that worked. Michael picked me up at Chichester Metro Station. After a whistle stop tour, as it was almost 1pm, we went to a restaurant called the marsden grotto. It was quite a surprise. There was a little building at the side of a carpark overlooking the sea. All the building had was an entrance hall that lead to a set of lift doors. The trip down on the lift took a while. I assumed it was just a slow lift as it just had 3 levels. Turned out the top two level as not exactly next to each other. You ended up at beach level with doors out and behind you table space that was part in a cave. Very cool. We elected to sit at the front with a sea view rather than in the cave. Lunch was fun enough and it was good to have a chat with Michael. There was a good bit of seafood on the menu but other stuff too so I was well fed. Onion rings were good. But no phone signal under that much rock. After lunch Michael helped me get the box into my bag and dropped me back at the metro. I am now on the main train back to Scotland. Should be home in a couple of hours. Have not really looked at the cutlery yet. It did make a lot of noise when I tipped it on its side to put it into the luggage rack. Newcastle station was very cold, thankfully the train is nice and warm. I have a savoury mince pie to eat for my tea in an hour or so. Been a good day.

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