Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Dentist Visit

Well, just back from a trip to my dentist. Got a replacement filling in the tooth next to the one I broke a bit off on Sunday. On investigation they decided the broken one needed a long appointment as it is a huge filling so just smoothed over the surface with a temporary repair, but while I was numb she replaced the smaller filling in the tooth next to it.

While I was parking I realised I could get rid of the bags of clothes I had in the boot that Kate helped be sort a few weeks ago to the shop below the dentist. They would not take the bric-a-brac or books though. Will try Cancer Research for those, but it is hard to park outside their shop. If not luck there I will try Barnardo's as they have a special book shop in St Andrews. When did charity shops become so picky?
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