Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

New Washing Machine

Well, I had my washing machine declared unrepairable this week, motor bearings gone, so I am getting a replacement under the extended warranty I have. I got the machine when I moved into my house 14 years ago, so it has been kept going long enough I do not feel sad about it going. The other reason I do not feel sad is because I never liked the thing. For complex reasons the machine I spent a good deal of time choosing was not the one I ended up with. It had lousy controls, buttons that did "something" but I still have no idea exactly what, the fast wash was anything but, and it generally missed some key cycles in these days of "performance" fabrics with odd washing instructions.

While it was good to have the replacement covered, I was wondering if I would end up with another machine I had not chosen. After a couple of phone calls to the company we have a solution. They could supply Hotpoint and Indesit machines so I looked at their websites and read a few manuals. Then had another chat about what they had in stock. I ended up paying £53 to upgrade to a 1600 spin, 9kg load, machine that has a good set of programs and looks to have sensible controls. Have to pay another £40 delivery (which seams a bit steep), £17 connection, and £10 disposal for the old one. Hope I like it.
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