Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

My 2011 Spending

I moved my accounts to iFinance and also bought there iPhone application to record my cash spending this year. So here is my annual breakdown of spending.

A follow up to the 2008 figures here.
And the 2009 figures here.
And the 2010 figures here.

So here is my look at the spending for the year just gone Jan to Dec 2011.

First I looked at what I had spent in shops to see which big names got my £.

I have further expanded the number of 'High Street' shops and split them into big chains, locals independents, and web names. If I made two or more purchase in a store I included it. These figures are all as a % of the total High Street spend.


Tesco 26% (up 11%)
Morrisons 17% (down 13%)
Costco 14% (up 9%)
Shell 5%
Sainsburys 4%
Aldi 3%
Asda 2%
T K Maxx 1%
Maplin >0%
Lidl >0%
Boots >0%
Esso >0%
Little Chef >0%
Halfords >0%
Ikea >0%
Homebase >0%
Poundstretcher >0%
Kwikfit >0%
Yo! Sushi >0%
Julian Graves >0%
WH Smith >0%
Timpson Shoe Repairs >0%
M & S >0%
B&Q >0%
Spar >0%
Dobbies >0%
Moto Services >0%

Local Independents

Chong Kwan (Dentist) 2%
Bassaguard (Garage) 2% (down 14%)
Balgrove (Farmshop) 1%
21CC (Fireworks) 1%
Rejects (Homeware & Fabric) 1%
Minick (Butchers) >0%
J A Braithwaite (Coffee Roasters) >0%
3000rpm (Computers) >0%
Home Improvements (DIY) >0%


Apple 7% (mostly new iPhone)
Amazon 6%
Audible 2% (which is also part of Amazon!)
Sportsdirect 1%

Missing this year that appeared last year: BP, Autoglass, Argos, Wickes, Matalan

Looking at all my outgoings I also did a split on type of my spending. These figures are as a % of the total outgoings :

house (bills, tax, repairs) 23%
motorcar 19% (petrol 11%, repairs 3%)
groceries 17%
mortgage repayment 9%
mortgage interest 9%
hobbies and conventions 6%
shopping (non-food) 4%
meals (eaten out) 3%
travel 3%
gifts 2%
life (life insurance + medical) 2%
memberships 1%
unknown 1%
bank charges 0% - no charges this year!

This year I also have graphs:

Expenses by Category - 2011 (The key runs clockwise from 12 o'clock)
Expenses - 2011
Fuel/Food/House 2008-2011
Fuel/Food/House 2011

So that is where this years money went.

The high street spend accounted for about 45% of the whole spend, up from 38% last year, this was because I broke the data down more (and bought an iPhone).

Largest single payment £699.00 for an iPhone.
Smallest accounted payment £0.30 for some sweets.

My unknown spending almost halved 2009 to 2010 year, and this year 2011 was only a fifth of the 2010 figure. So 2011 it was a tenth of the 2009 figure. The new iFinance Mac app can sync with the iFinance iPhone app so I tried to record everything. Most of the unknown figure this year came from before I got the iPhone app, after that I only had £12.79 unaccounted for.

Think this means it was another all right year. My total debt was down 8.39% which was at least heading in the right direction but not as big a decrease as last year. The debt should clear over the next 11 years. My spending as a whole was down, just, it was about £220 less than last year. The cost of food and petrol have gone up a lot. The spend on the motorcar was very similar to last year, what I saved on car repairs I spent on petrol. I still need to keep a check on my spending on non-essentials.
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