Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

And so to bed...

Well that is me ready for bed, I have been up for 22 hours and have just finished pulling electrodes (and hair) of my chest, shoulders and legs. On the good side I have not had a cardiac problem. I do have Costochondritis it seams, but worse than usual so have been given stronger painkillers. After talking to NHS24 the nurse was pretty convinced it was not my heart, but not 100%. As I was on my own at home she sent out an ambulance (from Cupar it turned out) and then parked in the drive and I hopped into the back and had the ECG. It was normal as were other reading apart from blood pressure (high-ish as usual). The paramedic seamed happy and did not want to dump me at Ninewells A&E so arranged for me to see the duty doctor in St Andrews Minor Injuries. He checked me out as well and looked at the printout of the ECG I had been given. I got some tramadol for the pain and it should start to settle down over the next few days.
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