Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Toast and Cleaning

I was making toast for breakfast this morning and for one exciting moment I thought my toaster had broken, but it worked fine on a second attempt, and has subsequently. I have had this toaster since I was a student and the damn think keeps working, not very well but well enough that I cannot justify getting a new one. I have been wanting to buy a nice Dualit one for ages. I think I first became impressed by the ones we had in hall, even though as the academic year went on more of the slots use to breakdown. They just made very good toast.

While investigating the toaster and emptying it's crumb tray I noticed a strange yellow-oil drip in the bottom back corner, which confused me as toast is dry so where had that come from. I think I had noticed and cleaned it before. This time I realise it also ran lightly down the back of the toaster so was not coming from the works. I looked up and notice a matching yellow-oil drip on the bottom of the extractor fan above.

Turn off power, get screwdriver and chair to stand on, take it apart, find some yellow oil and a lot of brown sticky toffee grease all over the innards. Spent the next hour removing the fan and front housing, soaking them is washing powder, cleaning the back housing with kitchen spray, scrubbing the front housing and fan (killing my spout brush in the process), rinsing it all, flushing out the front grill with IPA, more rinsing, drying and reassembly.

Looks much better, but the skin on my hands feel horrible.
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