Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Bits and pods

The sewing machine man is coming round Wednesday week. It did say it might be a bit old though. I could always see if he can put on a hand crank, the mechanism works ok...

I bought an iPod. It happened accidentally last Wednesday. I was looking at the UK Apple stores refurb page (only open 10am to 12pm on Wednesday) for a possible new iBook and they had a load of iPods. I got a 2nd generation 10G iPod for £149. That is the one with the touch wheel control and firewire connector on the top. I have got it working with my iBook and also my work PC thanks to a trial version of XPlay. It now has 6G of music (1326 songs or 3.6 days) and 2G of iBook backup stored on it.

With hindsight it might have been better to put the money towards a new sewing machine.

Next I need an iTrip, but I can either pay through the nose for one in the UK or get a friendly American to post me one. They are slightly illegal to use in the UK so are not sold here through normal channels. This is because it is broadcasting on the FM frequency, even thought it is so low power it only has a range of 10 feet. But that is enough for it to get from the iPod to the car radio.

I wonder how Stuart and Diane are getting on in LA, I must drop them a line.
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