December 20th, 2006


Lifeblog post

Work lunch out.
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I have been clearing out my work PC today and work e-mail before my last day tomorrow. I have kept a grand total of 16,188 e-mails in the last seven years totaling 229357 Kb. The reason the size is so small is I regularly remove the attachments from e-mails over 500k unless the e-mail is important (there are 11 in this category). There was also about 3,500 personal emails I deleted. I also sorted through the box of paperwork from my desk drawer that the mouse had crapped on. It had been emptied out of my drawer and the drawer cleaned well after the incident. It then got stuck in a box in the corner in the hope I would not need any of the paperwork. It was easy to go through and decide there was now nothing worth keeping.