August 16th, 2004



This evening I made Hais & Makshufa. Both have worked well. Hais is like a date and nut truffle made with almonds and pistachios, bread-crumbs and butter. Imagine a date and nut sandwich put into a food processor - but nice. Makshufa is almond, honey and sesame - think of a cross between peanut brittle and sesame snaps. It has a lot of sesame oil in it, an entire 250ml bottle in the ~100 squares I made.


Just tried to reply to silme but she has friend only comment turned on. What a stupid setting if you are asking for a recipe. And after I typed the bloody thing in to! So my comment is attached. Hope it is of some use to someone.


Yes, but it is a real pain to make. It is the one in the Sainsbury's special diets cook book. The trick is to wizz the oats in the blender, sift out the fine stuff in a fine sieve, tip the rest back, wizz, sift, repeat for ages until it is all very fine and light and airy.

Oat Bread

500g porridge oats
7g sachet of easy blend yeast
1 & half teaspoon salt
1 table spoon raw cane sugar or 1 desert spoon of fructose
400 ml warm water
1 tablespoon vegetable oil

Makes 2 x 500g loaves

Preheat oven Gas 4 / 180 C / 350 F

Process the oats in food processor until consistency of flour.

Put in bowl with yeast, salt, and sugar or fructose, then stir in water and oil.

Beat hard by hand or mixer for at least 5 minutes.

Spoon into two well greased 500g (1 lb) loaf tins, cover and leave in a warm place for 30 minutes.

Bake for 1 hour and then turn the loaves out of the tins and leave to cool on a wire rack.

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Should we be worrying about sharikkamur, I think so it this is anything to go buy. Odd movie.

101 Reykjavik: BBC Four on BBC Two 

Channel: BBC2 Scotland

Date: Monday 16 August  Time: 11:20pm to 12:50am

Updated listing

Subtitled, Widescreen, Audio-described

Certificate: [18]  

Videoplus: 846871

Blur front man Damon Albarn (who part-owns a bar in Reykjavik with the director) co-composed the score for this laconic comedy of sexual manners. Freely adapted from a chunky bestseller, director Baltasar Kormakur's first feature owes debts to the film-making styles of both Pedro Almodóvar and the Coens — what with wastrel Hlynur (Hilmir Snaer Gudnason) managing to impregnate both his on-off girlfriend, Hofi (Thrudur Vilhjalmsdottir), and Lola (Victoria Abril), the Spanish dance teacher who has just started a lesbian relationship with his newly liberated mother (Hanna Maria Karlsdottir). The combination of Abril's hot-blooded sassiness and Gudnason's cool deadpan is highly effective, but what lingers longest are cinematographer Peter Steuger's snow-speckled backstreets.

Directed by: Baltasar Kormakur

Filmed in: 2000

Cast List

Lola Milagros
Victoria Abril

Hilmir Snaer Gudnason

Hanna Maria Karlsdottir

Thrudur Vilhjalmsdottir

Baltasar Kormakur

Olafur Darri Olafsson

Throstur Leo Gunnarsson

Eyvindur Erlendsson