January 28th, 2004


More Snow

Driving in to work today it was 1.5 C and light rain in Fife. I get across the bridge to Dundee, the temperature drops to -0.5 C and I enter the blizzard. I know that the radio had said the weather front was running across Scotland "Oban to Dundee" but I had thought that was meant to be a rough guide. All the roads are well gritted though to so there journey into work was no slower than usual.

The Body in the Hallway and other stories...

My fabric from Croft Mill (20 meters of navy blue wool, 4 meters of black polycotton) has just been delivered to work. I was out when they tried to deliver it to work. I got a phone call from Dave in dispatch to say that he had just signed for a parcel that looked like a dead body wrapped in brown paper. I wander along and right enough it did. There is rather more fabric than I had thought. Half of the blue is for ormsweird. I drove my car round to the front of the building and Russell helped me load it into the boot. I will unwrap it when I get home. I am just wondering what it will be like. That is the problem with buying a fabric mail order, you never quite know what you will get until it arrives.

Oh it is even colder now. Thermometer in the car read -1.0 C.


Just talked to the jewellers about my watch (Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000). Not good but not as bad as I thought. I got a letter from them saying that the service would be £187. This was about £50 more than I had hoped. After the chat I am a bit better about paying that much as £40 of the extra is a new glass, the current one is scratched. The other £12.50 is an extra charge as they have to send it away to Omega's historic watch repair center as the model is now old enough (30-40 years) that it has to go the special workshop. Ho hum. It will still take another 6-7 weeks to get back.

A good watch is a excellent gift to get as a graduation present, but it does come with reasonably high running costs.