January 5th, 2004


Tired & Kilts

I am just back from a four hour wander round the shops in Dundee, this is the most excerise I have done since I did my back in at the start of December. It was real woring just how tired I got and how quickly. While I have not an active lifestyle I have realy felt the effects of a month lying on the sofa.

I had a talk to all three of the kilt shops in dundee and there seams to not be a lot between them. The main differences was in the extras I would be charged for big chest, big waist, wide feet.

I spent some time looking at the tartans associated with Patterson in one shop and ended up with a short list. There was:
MacAulay Hunting Muted (green/green/black with cream line)
Campbell Caudor Modern (navy/green/black with red and blue lines)
MacLaren Modern (navy/green with close together red and yellow lines, yellow most strong)

Still need to think...