Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

Eurovision Play-through

I found the 2010 Eurovision album on spotify and have listened to it today at work.
Various Artists – Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Disk 1
#1 Albania - english euro-pop ballad
#6 Bulgaria - 1st non-english (but "oh oh ooooohhhhhh" is kinda universal) euro-pop-trance-ballad
#7 Belarus - _very_ _very_ drippy thing about butterflies
#8 Switzerland - 2nd non-english, euro-ballad
#11 Denmark - sounds really like a lot of other things, some very ABBA strummy guitar
#14 Finland - 3rd non-english, euro-folk-ballad
#15 France - the disco has arrived, in french, most fun so far, have high hopes for a stupid dance routine
#18 Greece - 5th non-english, has shouts of "everybody say" and "hay!", also a bit of ringtone at the end?!
#19 Croatia - 6th non-english, euro-ballad

Disk 2
#2 Israel - 7th non-english, euro-ballad
#3 Iceland - english euro-ballad + techno
#4 Lithuania - the madness has arrived
#7 FYR Macedonia - 8th non-english, euro-ballad, but with a rap section, very retro
#9 The Netherlands - 9th non-english, proper euro-pop worthy of the early 70s.
#11 Poland - bit dull connection/plot song out of middle of a west end musical
#12 Portugal - 10th non-english, euro-ballad
#14 Serbia - 11th non-english, oompah crossed with acid/disco/brass/comedy/two-tone
#15 Russia - they really do not want to win this year
#17 Slovenia - 12th non-english mad folk, rock & roll things that sounds like it escaped from a rock musical
#18 Slovakia - 13th non-english, euro-folk-ballad + etherial panpipe hits
#19 Turkey - 'rough' boy band end of rock ballads, hints of scratching (on first listen I liked it!)
#20 Ukraine - how to end on a downer... music to slit wrists to

Everything else is english euro-ballad and/or so dull I did not notice the track.

A few track were not available online: Belgium, Germany, Spain,UK, Norway, Romania, Sweden. Will try and track those down.
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