Andrew Patterson (qidane) wrote,
Andrew Patterson

The Body in the Hallway and other stories...

My fabric from Croft Mill (20 meters of navy blue wool, 4 meters of black polycotton) has just been delivered to work. I was out when they tried to deliver it to work. I got a phone call from Dave in dispatch to say that he had just signed for a parcel that looked like a dead body wrapped in brown paper. I wander along and right enough it did. There is rather more fabric than I had thought. Half of the blue is for ormsweird. I drove my car round to the front of the building and Russell helped me load it into the boot. I will unwrap it when I get home. I am just wondering what it will be like. That is the problem with buying a fabric mail order, you never quite know what you will get until it arrives.

Oh it is even colder now. Thermometer in the car read -1.0 C.
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